The power of business intelligence


These days, you can automate so many things in life – paying your bills, playing music, even turning your lights on and off. So why are you still fooling around with manual reports in your business?

Manual reporting eats up an enormous amount of time in your business each day, week and month – your time and your team’s – on paperwork like:

  • Open orders
  • Shift analysis
  •  Job interest/applications
  • Gross margin
  • Employee listings
  • Billing metrics
  • New hires

Focusing on reports like these takes valuable time away from business-building tasks like sourcing and recruiting, interviewing candidates and acquiring new clients. They’re slow and repetitive, and they often duplicate efforts if you have multiple locations. They’re probably in massive spreadsheets, forcing your team to worry about version control and preserving formulas.

The remedy is business intelligence, which puts your staffing agency in an informed position, empowered to make faster decisions that improve your business.

What is business intelligence?
More than simply automating your reporting, business intelligence brings your data together in one place and synthesizes it to create meaningful, helpful information. You and your team will spend next to no time assembling and analyzing data – you’ll jump right to understanding and acting on it to improve your business.

PwC survey revealed that data-driven businesses were three times more likely to make better decisions. With business intelligence, you’re not relying on endless trial and error or trusting your gut. You’re using your own data to make decisions quicker so you can stay ahead of the competition.

How does business intelligence benefit a staffing business?
The staffing business is all about speed. The faster you can find the right people for open positions, the happier your clients will be. Business intelligence software, like Microsoft Power BI, keeps your business moving quickly by:

• Cutting out the middleman in your data. Everything your team needs is available and up to date 24/7. No more waiting on responses from a co-worker or pausing for someone to input their data for analysis. 

• Continuously creating new insights because the technology that powers business intelligence is always evolving. 

• Making your data easy for everyone to consume and understand. Business intelligence isn’t complex sets of numbers across huge spreadsheets – it’s clear charts, easy-to-read graphs and simple information that helps your team stop guessing or wondering and start doing instead.

• Improving transparency so everyone is on the same page. Because the data is clearly presented, everyone has the same information at the same time and can do their jobs without any confusion.

How Moonshot Innovations can help
The team at Moonshot Innovations has decades of experience in the needs and challenges of growing staffing firms. We offer business intelligence in addition to our flexible monthly packages so you can get the technology you need at the right price for your business.

We know the staffing industry can fluctuate significantly, and you might find yourself scaling up or down unexpectedly. We help you limit surprise technology costs as your business goals and needs change. Contact us to find out how we can give you and your team the information you need to operate efficiently and work faster to meet your clients’ needs.