Strategic Partnerships begin here.

Strategy – it’s our north star.

It is what guides our understanding of your organizational goals; it creates value; and ultimately, it works to give your business a competitive edge in the market.

Band-aid solutions and quick fixes are reactive and impulsive, often causing more harm than good. That’s why our approach to each of our partnerships starts with a thorough assessment of your current IT state, identifying areas of growth and opportunity, implementing the right staffing and/or services solutions, and finally continually monitoring and auditing these solutions to make sure they’re making your business run smoother.

Strategic Partnership – it’s what we do best.

We are focused and driven to assist our clients and talent with their most critical projects and programs.








Technical Support

Instructional Design

What’s Your Moonshot? 

Your big wish that would provide efficiencies, cost savings and growth…

Every organization has one.  

That obstacle you need to overcome, but unsure of what the solution might be.
The big wish that would provide efficiencies, scalability, cost savings and growth. The Moonshot Project.

That’s why Moonshot Solutions was created.

To take on ambitious and innovative IT projects that will make your business run smoother. To identify the missing IT pieces that are slowing you down. To create synergy across your organization.
And to provide IT solutions with infinite possibilities.

That’s Moonshot.  

Our Leadership Team

Russ Headshot

Russ Koziol

President / CEO

Bill Marshall headshot

Bill Marshall

Chief Technology Officer

Courtney Conrad headshot

Courtney Conrad

Chief Legal Counsel

Sara Schiltz headshot

Sarah Schiltz

Chief Financial Officer

Alok headshot

Alok Srivastava

Chief Operating Officer

Aaron Lafferty headshot

Aaron Lafferty

VP of Professional Services 

Matthew Mangels heandshot

Matthew Mangels

VP of Information Security and Compliance

Allison headshot

Allison Voss

Director of Recruiting

Tom Fraccascia headshot

Tom Fraccascia

Director of Business Development

Clint Utz headshot

Clint Utz

Director of Business Development

Erik Christianson headshot

Erik Christiansen

Director of Cloud Infrastructure

Bailey Warlen headshot

Bailey Warlen

Director of Marketing 

Brett Carmical headshot

Brett Carmical

Director of Human Resources

Billy Miller headshot

Billy Miller

Manager of Business Intelligence Development

Josh Woods headshot

Josh Woods

M365 Manager – Security/Identity Architect

Our Values


Your ideas and opinions are valued.
Speak up and share them. 


Know your business targets and work with a competitive spirit to hit them.


Openly give and receive feedback.
It’s essential to long-term success.


Honor your promises and
never compromise on your principles. 


Set clear goals and expectations. Keep track
of your progress and stay committed.


Take action to positively
impact our community.


Being consistent and staying disciplined to provide the best experience internally and externally. 

We are very pleased with the Moonshot Solutions MSP Onboarding process. Their team’s process, organization and proactive communication throughout was instrumental in keeping all parties operating in an efficient and transparent manner. Specifically, the weekly updates and documentation gave us a constant read on the project status at all times.